Configuring PuTTY - A step-by-step guide

By John Fitzgibbon
Last updated: Sunday, April 16, 2006, 07:14 PM PST

The following instructions illustrate a "typical" PuTTY SSH client configuration, using Port Forwarding, (Tunnelling), to forward email traffic over the encrypted SSH link. This example was prepared using PuTTY version 0.52.

To download PuTTY, or for further information about PuTTY and its related programs, please visit:

For information about other SSH implementations for Windows please see:

Now on with the show...

Session Settings

Window Settings

Appearance Settings

Connection Settings

SSH Settings

Tunnel Settings

Save Session Settings

Create Shortcut

Modify Shortcut Target

Save Shortcut Changes

Configure Email Client

Select Account Properties

Set Incoming/Outgoing mail to localhost